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Van Son Introduces Vs3 XS Ink


Van Son Holland Ink Corporation is introducing Vs3 XS inks, an enhancement option to the popular Vs3 ink, at Graph Expo 2008, scheduled for Oct. 26-29 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. As part of the well-respected Vs series, the Vs3 XS inks were developed to be a more robust version of the already versatile and vibrant Vs3 ink line. Benefits of Vs3 XS include an extra strong, but balanced, pigment range, enhanced operational speed for faster setting and drying, and modified stability for balanced printing and 4+4 perfecting control. Best of all, the Vs3 XS inks are interchangeable with the Vs3 inks on any color to allow printers completely customized color capability.  

“We are very excited about the introduction of Vs3 XS inks. This ink is specially formulated to meet the requirements of today’s high-speed, consistent multi-color presses,” said John Sammis, vice president of sales and marketing for Van Son. “Because color capability is such a valued asset when it comes to gaining and satisfying customers in the printing industry, Vs3 XS inks give printers the ability to achieve a specific shade or hue when needed. And of course, printers can expect the new ink to provide the effortless, trouble-free printing and faster setting and drying already associated with all Van Son inks.”