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Central Ink Corporation Celebrates 75th Year


Central Ink Corporation, the 10th largest North American ink manufacturer, according to a 2007 report by Ink World magazine, will be celebrating 75 consecutive years of serving the printing industry on Oct. 5 of this year.
Central Ink Corporation traces its roots back to 1933 when Cecil E. Breen founded the still family-run company as CEB Ink in a loft building on Printer’s Row in Chicago. The company’s initial focus was letterpress inks before moving into the web offset news ink market in the early 1960s. When the company moved to its current location in West Chicago in 1970, the name was changed from CEB Ink to Central Ink Corporation. CIC introduced web offset heatset inks in 1978, and the inks have since become the corporation’s principal product line. Since moving to West Chicago, the Central Ink facility has expanded four times from 26,000 sq. ft. to its current 160,000 sq. ft. size that is capable of producing 150 million pounds of ink per year.
According to Richard Breen, company CEO and son of the founder, “Central Ink has always been a family business. We’re not a giant multi-national corporation making decisions in Germany or Tokyo; our headquarters is outside of Chicago, right in the middle of the country. That keeps us close to our customers so that we can continue to be responsive to their needs. Much has changed in the 75 years since my father founded Central Ink, but this business has always been about building and maintaining strong relationships with printers.”