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Creative Materials Introduces Conductive Inks and Adhesives for Thin Film Photovoltaic Cells


Creative Materials announces a series of silver conductive inks specifically for the thin film photovoltaic industry. These products are designed to offer high conductivity and low contact resistance along with excellent adhesion to a variety of transparent conductive oxides (TCO). The products operate over a wide temperature range, offer flexibility and provide excellent environmental aging. This series of inks and adhesives are designed to operate in high humidity environments and offer excellent thermal cycling stability. One and two component curing epoxy systems are offered.

The conductive inks are designed for use in grid lines and buss bars printed onto the TCO’s in thin film solar cells. These inks can be custom formulated to be printed by screen, rotogravure or flexographic processes.

The conductive adhesives are designed to connect multiple solar cells to build arrays.

One of the company’s conductive inks 118-09A/B-187, is a two component silver conductive epoxy that offers curing @ 65°C and volume resistivity of 0.0005 Ω-cm. A conductive adhesive in the series is 123-39C, a single component silver epoxy with volume resistivity of 0.0003 Ω-cm.