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Sun Chemical Europe Increases Prices in Publication Market


Sun Chemical Europe is increasing prices in the publication market by between 10 and 20 percent dependent upon the product, due to significant increases in raw material, energy and transportation costs. The increases cover Europe, Africa and the Middle East and will be implemented from August 1.

“The considerable increases in the price of oil and natural gas combined with governmental policies in China and shortages in certain raw materials have had a dramatic impact on our costs," David Meldram, president of Sun Chemical Europe, said. "We will continue to work proactively with our suppliers and to take action to keep these costs to a minimum. However, given the rapidity and scale of the rise in costs, we are forced to implement price increases and do not anticipate any decreases in the short term.

“The printing industry is experiencing a challenging business environment in Europe, but these price increases are essential to enable us to continue to provide proactive support and advice to our customers and to maintain our reputation for quality, service and innovation,” Mr. Meldram added.