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Triangle Digital INX Earns Two ‘Green Business’ Firsts

Published April 24, 2008
In a state known for tough environmental laws and leadership in eco-friendly practices, various California regional, county and community organizations also play active roles. Such is the case with ABAG, the Association of Bay Area Governments and public agencies, a nine-county organization that extends eastward to Solano County and the City of Dixon.
Through a grant provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 9, ABAG developed the Bay Area Green Business Program to certify the environmental performance of businesses and government agencies wanting to operate in a more environmentally responsible way.
The program provides information and, importantly, technical assistance as needed to enable organizations to comply with environmental regulations. Going beyond compliance is a key part of the program, involving the adoption of environmentally sound practices in energy efficiency, water conservation, solid and hazardous waste reduction and pollution prevention.

What began as a request by Triangle Digital INX (TDI) plant manager Heidi Dudley for insights and assistance in meeting Green Business standards quickly evolved into benchmark inspections of the manufacturing facility at 405 Industrial Way, and TDI’s distribution center at 1000 Business Park Drive – and not only one, but two of the fastest Green Business certifications on record.
Twenty-some inspectors checked out both facilities during late February and March and found full compliance with all pertinent environmental regulations. Furthermore, environmental practices at the TDI locations were found to be above and beyond compliance in all areas. No “write-ups” regarding shortfalls were made; no changes were required.
Less than six weeks after the initial phone call, management was notified that both Triangle Digital INX Co. facilities had earned “Green Business” certification.
“It’s been part of our company culture from Day One,” said Ms. Dudley during the recent certification award ceremony at the Dixon plant attended by ABAG, Solano County and city officials, as well as employees from the plant and distribution center.
“It’s what our employees do, every day,” Ms. Dudley continued, “and what we’ve been doing for all of the five years we’ve been here.  From management, throughout the plant, it’s individual people paying attention to how we handle waste as well as how we handle our products, how we can save energy, the paper we buy, reusing totes and recycling pallets – so many little things that add up.”
Ms. Dudley’s thoughts were echoed by Ken Kisner, TDI's senior vice president and chief technology officer. “This is the real deal,” Mr. Kisner said. “Green Business certification recognizes the daily sustainability practices and environmental stewardship exercised by people in our factory and warehouse.
“Our company commitment starts with top management and extends through R&D, product and package design, responsible manufacturing and distribution," Mr. Kisner said. "It’s not enough to make biodegradable or low-VOC products; it involves our own vendor requirements, every step in our manufacturing processes and people in the factory, for example, properly disposing of hazardous waste. It shows that each of us can make a difference, every day.”
“We’re not done,” Ms. Dudley added. “Continuous improvement is also part of our culture. Although we meet Green Business standards, other checklist items will be addressed – installing more energy-efficient lighting, for example."  

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