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Sun Chemical Performance Pigments to Increase Global Pigment Prices


Faced with continued increases in raw materials, energy and transportation costs, along with the escalating value in foreign currency, Sun Chemical Corporation’s Performance Pigments Division increased global prices on pigments effective March 31, 2008.
On average, the prices for the following pigment chemistry increased by:

• Classical Azo Reds: 4 to 6 percent

• Classical Azo Yellows: 5 to 7 percent

• Classical Phthalo: 5 to 8 percent

• High Performance: 3 to 6 percent

• Pearlescent: 5 to 7 percent

• Cosmetic Colors: 5 to 7 percent
The price increase affects all forms including dry, preparations and flushes.
“At Sun Chemical, we’re working to control our own costs through the improvement of internal operations,” said Brian Leen, vice president and general manager, Performance Pigments, Sun Chemical. “While these efforts have helped to offset some rising raw material costs, the increased cost of energy and transportation combined with the rising cost of raw materials have forced us to pass some of these costs on to our customers.”
The price increase applied to all markets that purchase pigments, including the ink, coating, plastic and cosmetics industries.

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