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Diamond Sheffield Undergoes Buyout


Diamond Sheffield Ltd. has just undergone a management buyout. The Diamond brand of dispersions for inkjet inks has been bought by the two executive directors, Pete Callahan and Sue Wright.
“It was our business idea from the beginning,” said Ms. Wright. “We have just brought it back home, re-polished, refinanced and ready for business.”
The change of ownership has been accompanied by a new name. The new company is called Diamond Dispersions Ltd. “We had thought about changing the name for a long time,” Ms. Wright said. “While Diamond is the recognized brand, the ‘Sheffield’ was getting a bit parochial for an international company. The name was not really descriptive; as we traveled outside the UK, people would constantly ask what the ‘Sheffield’ meant?’ So we decided to change the name to Diamond Dispersions, which simply tells people about what we do. We produce dispersions, and some of the best inkjet dispersions in the world. We are still proud of where we come from. Sheffield is still our base and we are proud of our heritage; we just thought that, like the company, the name needed to move on.
“There will obviously be some changes; we are currently redesigning our website and we are constantly adding new products to our range,” Ms. Wright added. “We are adding new equipment to service the increase in product range but it is basically business as usual; the brand is strong and we have developed a good reputation for quality products at a competitive price. This year has seen a significant increase in the sales of colors and our blacks are already internationally recognized. Diamond is going from strength to strength.”