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CCN Certifies Ink Systems' Ultra-High-Density Ink Set


A set of CCN Process Sheetfed Inks developed by Ink Systems Inc., Los Angeles, CA, has been certified by Color Control Network for use with its ultra-high-density intense color offset printing process.

“Ink Systems is notably one of the highest quality suppliers of inks in the U.S., based on its long list of prestigious high end commercial printer customers.  Its management, having shown extraordinary industry insight in developing a unique ink room system to support and service the most demanding printing plants, has set its company in a distinct class," saidy John R. Jeffus, principal and chief technology officer of Color Control Network.
Color Control Network and Ink Systems Inc. entered into a co-marketing agreement in September 2007 and this is the first ink set to be certified, while additional sets for Sheetfed UV, Co-Cure and Web Heatset are expected in the near future.  The certification testing was performed on presses at Williamson Printing Corporation, Dallas TX, and the results proved outstanding.
“We have developed a unique series of highly pigmented inks that will deliver the increased density values necessary for this science to work.  The future of high density printing is now an option, not a fantasy," saidPete Notti, technical director, Ink Systems Inc.
Product identifications for the certified inks are  as follows; S/F CCN Process Yellow SY-16801, S/F CCN Process Magenta SR-16802, S/F CCN Process Cyan SB-16803, S/F CCN Process Black SK-16804.