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Cray Valley Opens Hydrocarbon Resins Lab


Cray Valley announced the opening of a 900-square-foot hydrocarbon resins lab at its existing Exton, PA facility. The new lab enables the company to increase product research, raw material evaluation and new product development.
In addition to the lab space, Cray Valley also built a 250-square foot constant temperature and humidity test room to meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.
“These new facilities demonstrate Cray Valley’s clear commitment to industry innovation,” said Charles-Henri Robert, managing director, hydrocarbon resins. “Working with the best possible technology allows us to continue to set new standards in product research and development.”
With the new lab, Cray Valley gains additional capabilities including mixing molten materials with a Sigma-blade mixer and coating pressure-sensitive adhesives using a hot-melt coater-laminator. The lab will evaluate a broad range of adhesives, including hot-melt and pressure-sensitive, to meet established standards from the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council, Federation Internationale des Fabricants et Transformateurs d’Adhesifs et Thermocollants, Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Association of European Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturers, and other organizations.
Brian Maxwell, manager, new product development, tackifying resins, will manage the synthesis and new product development work at the new lab. Nestor Hansen, manager of resin technology, will be responsible for the application work.