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Flint Group Printing Plates Honors Dealer of the Year


During the recent LabelExpo in Brussels, Flint Group Printing Plates presented the 2007 award to Polish distributor Scorpio Sp. z o. o., honored for its continued success throughout 2006. Dr. Thomas Telser, President of Flint Group Printing Plates, presented the award--a miniature replica of a plate production line--to the delighted representatives of Scorpio Sp. z o. o.

Since 1993, Scorpio Sp. z o. o. has distributed nyloflex and nyloprint printing plates in the Polish market with ever increasing success. During these 14 years of trusting and effective partnership, Flint Group has been continuously impressed by the dedication, innovation and entrepreneurial qualities of Scorpio Sp. z o. o. Amongst many other achievements, Scorpio Sp. z o. o. was the first to introduce digital flexo plates into the Polish market. 

Its multilingual, forward-thinking staff unites technical expertise with a keen sense of creative solutions for customers. Scorpio Sp. z o. o. demands excellence from Flint Group Printing Plates as well as their own team. The continuous improvements that have arisen from these efforts have benefited customers, first and foremost, and have positioned Scorpio Sp. z o. o. as a leader in Poland's graphic arts industry.