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Degussa Increases Prices Of HP Polymers, Monomers


The High Performance Polymers (HP) Business Unit of Degussa GmbH, Marl, Germany, has announced price increases for its Vestamid, Vestosint, Vestamelt, Trogamid, and Vestenamer product lines. Product prices will increase by 8 percent on average, depending on product type and region. The price increases will take effect from Sept. 1, 2007.
Prices of C8 and C12 monomers will increase by 18 percent at the same time. Prior commitments and existing contracts will be honored, and are not affected by the price increases.
Degussa continually optimizes its costs along the entire value chain. Over the last few months, however, prices for raw materials and transportation have risen to such levels that the increases can no longer be offset by increasing process efficiency.