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XSYS Print Solutions Announces Labelexpo Plans


Visitors to XSYS Print Solutions' stand, 5B45, at this year's Labelexpo Europe in Brussels, September 26-29 should be ready for a "private view" of  what's best in the art of fine label and narrow-web print.   

XSYS Print Solutions' canvas is broad:  their portfolio of narrow web inks spans a wide range of decorative applications, from self-adhesive, wrap-around, and in-mold labels to sleeves, flexible packaging, and folding cartons. The Labelexpo stand will feature a combination of innovative approaches to traditional topics, as well as new products that challenge the existing boundaries of narrow web print.

Converters and end users alike will be able to acquaint themselves with the ways in which XSYS Print Solutions can contribute award-winning quality to the art of narrow web printing:  around 50% of the prizewinners in this year's FINAT International Label Competition were printed with XSYS inks.   

"As the world's only dedicated manufacturer of narrow web inks, we rightly consider the results achieved with label and narrow web print as fine art -- and that makes our converter customers the Leonardo da Vincis, the Picassos, and the Andy Warhols of the product decoration field," said Niklas Olsson, XSYS Print Solutions' global brand manager. "They have the blank canvases:  we provide the medium -- the ink -- that translates their customers' designs into works of art."

XSYS Print Solutions will launch a range of low-odor UV flexo inks suitable for various key applications in the narrow web packaging field, which will provide in-depth insights for converters into ways to address stringent end-user concerns surrounding the potential risk of photoinitiator migration.

"As all artists know, color vibrancy is dependent on the whiteness of the base substrate -- and this applies to print as well as to painting," said Mr. Olsson. "Our CombiWhite opaque white UV screen ink has for some time been providing superb opacity and perfect over-printability. At Labelexpo Europe, we will launch a second-generation product, CombiWhite XL -- the result of extensive research -- with enhanced properties such as flow-out at higher speeds, and no drip-through when standing idle.'
At the other end of the colour spectrum, new Flexocure Ebony is a super-black, high-density UV flexo ink suitable for a wide range of substrates using fine-to-medium anilox rollers.

Visitors to stand 5B45 can also preview new white low-odor, high-slip Flexocure XS ink;  an upgrade of the popular Flexocure Ivory flexo opaque white base; and the eyecatching effects that can be achieved with the latest metallic inks.  

"New ancillary products for UV curing -- a field in which we are at the leading edge of narrow web print -- that will be added to our palette include a UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesive, an abrasion-resistant UV varnish; and a UV-curable laminating adhesive," Mr. Olsson said. "We will also be extending significantly our portfolio of products for product authentication and brand security."

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