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Flint Group Highlights Eco-Friendly Inks, UV/EB Products, and Customer Reach at Graph Expo 2007


At Graph Expo 2007, Flint Group will highlight Novavit F918 Supreme Bio printing inks, its new ecologically friendly, fast-drying printing ink technology for sheetfed printers, as well as  the company's expanded Arrowstar energy curable product line and increased geographic reach across North America

Flint Group’s sheetfed ink division will introduce fast setting, vegetable-based Novavit F918 Supreme Bio printing inks, sold under the K+E brand. Quick dry times make these inks ideal for perfecting presses, printers with bindery and finishing departments, and those who want to increase production speeds. The Novavit F918 Supreme Bio series proves that ecologically responsible products can also perform to the highest standards in print speed, dot sharpness, ink/water balance, color intensity and quality performance on numerous substrates.

“Press performance is enhanced, and print quality and productivity are improved, all with an eco-friendly ink," said Doug Labertew, vice president and general manager of Flint Group’s sheetfed ink division. 
Novavit F918 Supreme Bio inks are available through Flint Group’s sales personnel as well as through the Print Suppliers Group, a distribution partner of Flint Group.

Flint Group will also highlight the expanded Arrowstar energy curable product line, specifically designed to meet nearly every print application and end use. Arrowstar features the UV7700, UV7310, EB1200 and Geminiseries. UV7700 is formulated to meet performance demands of both sheetfed and web printers for paper and board applications. UV7310 for nonporous substrates provides excellent adhesion to even the most difficult substrates. EB1200 serves the demanding packaging market for electron beam web applications on paper and board. The GEMINI hybrid series promotes excellent inter-coat adhesion and minimal gloss reduction when in-line UV coating in sheetfed applications.

In addition, the company will highlight its broad geographic reach. Through an experienced sales force and broad distribution network, Flint Group’s sheetfed printing inks are easy to order and quick to receive, regardless of customer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.