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Flint Group Introduces Premo Concept for Water-Based Packaging Inks


Flint Group continues to design new and innovative products to promote further development of print quality and workflow in the printing industry. After careful research into the systems formulated by the merged companies that form Flint Group, a new water-based building block ink technology has been launched into the market.

The Premo Concept has been developed especially for the packaging industry to enable freedom and flexibility in formulation of optimal performing ink systems. The Premo System consists of a selected series of highly concentrated mono pigmented base inks plus a range of functional extenders, performance enhancing additives and overprint varnishes. The basic building blocks can be blended to formulate all types of water-based printing inks within the application areas of corrugated and solid boards, bags, wraps, flexible and liquid packaging, envelopes and tissues. Premo Inks are optimized for each application and can be formulated to fulfill all technical and resistance requirements.

With this new concept, Flint Group offers a tailor-made system to meet specific customer demands. Easy product selection and formulation guidelines can be provided. This is a further step to upgrade and raise the packaging industry to the next level.