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Latest Sun Chemical Screen Launch to Benefit Turbojet Users


A new ink that is about to hit the market from Sun Chemical Screen could help users of solvent-based HP Scitex Turbojet digital superwide format presses across Europe save up to 20 percent in consumable costs.
Sun Chemical Screen's latest innovation is an addition to the company's Streamline range of inks. It was developed to match the properties of the original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) formulae.
As with all its Streamline bulk ink products, Sun Chemical Screen's Turbojet ink matches both the colour and performance properties of the OEM's product, providing an exact match in the ink's color gamut, jetting properties, adhesion, consistency, drying speed and evaporation rate.  
Sun Chemical Screen's ink is so compatible that there is no need to flush the Turbojet printing system before use, or create special color profiles to accommodate the changing process.  The ink can be decanted directly into the Turbojet's existing tanks, and printing can be resumed as normal.
"Since launching the Streamline range in 2005, Sun Chemical Screen has introduced value-for-money bulk inks for use on 70 percent of installed digital wide-format presses,” Tony Cox, digital business and marketing manager for Sun Chemical Screen, said. “With the HP Scitex Turbojet product, Sun Chemical Screen once again has developed a high quality formula that is easy to use, ensuring customers are able to conveniently and safely adopt a new ink system that offers significant cost savings.  For instance, the price of our product can cost up to 20 percent less that the OEMs.
"The ink market has traditionally been dominated by the OEMs that often attempt to lock in ink sales through tie-ins with servicing.  Sun Chemical Screen is using its experience and expertise in the development of solvent-based inks to challenge this trend and, in doing so, is providing digital wide-format printers with increased choices,” Mr. Cox added. “We are able to back this up with engineering support. As a result of migrating to Streamline products, Turbojet printers will not only financially benefit from the economies of scale associated with buying inks in greater volumes, but they will also gain from receiving an unrivalled level of support and expertise from the largest producer of inks and pigments in the world today."