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Sun Chemical Performance Pigments Division Announces Price Increases

May 10, 2007

Sun Chemical’s Performance Pigments Division raised prices on dry and presscake pigments effective April 16, 2007 as follows:
• Azo reds by $0.30/lb.
• Azo yellows by $0.15/lb.
• Violet 23 by $0.50/lb.

Prices for dispersion and flush products increased accordingly.

Sun Chemical’s Performance Pigments Division also raised prices on industrial colors. Effective April 16, 2007, prices on dry and presscake pigments increased as follows:
• Blue 15:2 Tetra Chlor Blues by $0.15/lb.

The decision to raise prices is attributed to the markets’ escalating costs for building block chemicals. Despite increasing costs, Performance Pigments continues to drive innovation through customization, production of high-quality pigments and exceptional service.
“While Performance Pigments continues to make energy efficient and quality maximizing manufacturing changes, the need remains to offset rising costs through price increases,” said Brian Leen, vice president and general manager for Performance Pigments.

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