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Lindgens Metal Decorating Coatings & Inks Acquires Majority Stake in Server Boya, Turkey.


Lindgens MDC&I has acquired a majority stake of the Turkish company Server Boya. Server Boya is a well-established metal decorating supplier in Turkey and neighboring countries, operating its own local production in Istanbul. The company supplies a complete range of coatings and inks, and is servicing one of the fastest growing market regions. As such, the acquisition helps Lindgens strengthen its position in Europe.
Lindgens is operating from its mother plant production site and headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden, a local full service and production site in Langenfeld, Germany and service centers in other mainland European countries and UK. Lindgens is supplying and servicing its products on all global markets, including the U.S.
The combined group will supply and service a complete range of coatings and inks covering both 3P (flat sheet) and 2P (mandrel).
“I am delighted to build a partnership that is capable of providing the high quality technical service that our customers require and rightfully deserve," said Hulki Yenier, president of Server Boya. "I personally know the demands of this business very well and I have committed myself in always providing the best. I feel like we are now much closer to achieving this goal together with my most welcomed new partners.”
“Lindgens and Server Boya share the philosophy of providing high quality products with exceptional service," added Ugur Yenier, assistant general manager of Server Boya. "Therefore we never hesitated to transform our business relationship into a partnership. We have known our friends in Lindgens for a long time, now we will be team mates. I personally believe that we will form a strong team with our colleagues at Lindgens."
"This acquisition of the majority stake of Server Boya is in line with our strategy to grow both organically and by acquisitions in order to create a very focused supplier for the metal deco industry," said Peter Koivula, chairman of Lindgens MDC&I. "We are very happy to join forces with Server Boya and its team and particularly to strengthen our positions in the growing Turkish market."
 “This is a very important step for Lindgens to establish a true partnership with Server," concluded Jan Koivula, CEO of Lindgens MDC&I. "The Turkish market is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe today, where Server has established a strong position providing good products and good service. With the combined product portfolio and competence we will be even stronger in servicing our customers for their success. By this partnership we are also well positioned to service other markets in this very important growth region."