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Ciba Enters Printable Electronics Market with Xymara Conductive Inks


Ciba Specialty Chemicals launches conductive inks for RFID antennas, packaging and graphic arts applications.

Ciba is entering the printable electronics market with a new range of conductive inks for radio frequency identification (RFID) antennas, packaging and graphic arts applications. Ciba Xymara Electra inks can be applied at high speeds and have superior line definition and resolution. The first generation of inks has been designed for rotary screen and flat bed screen printing; inks for other printing methods are in preparation.

“Ciba is the first European-based multinational company to supply conductive inks,” said Mike Mordente, global head of Ciba’s Imaging & Inks Business Line. “Thanks to our proximity to the market, we will be able to supply the inks very quickly.”

Conductive inks allow a product to provide information via an RFID antenna. Xymara Electra inks complement other functional effects offered by Ciba for applications such as electronic materials and smart packaging.