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Sartomer Announces Global Restructuring


Sartomer Company announced a corporate restructuring designed to enhance global customer support for companies with multinational operations. Sartomer’s new president, Dr. Luigi Colantuoni, announced the realignment.
Effective immediately, Sartomer will operate with three geographical sales regions, five central operating functions and two global business units, all of which report directly to the president.
The three geographical sales regions are:
• Americas, a newly  created region led by Albert Tuccio, vice president, formerly vice president of  sales.
• Europe, led by  Laurent Suspene, vice president.
• Asia, led by David  Long, vice president.
The five central operating functions are:
• Supply Chain,  led by newly named vice president Paul Elias, formerly business director of  photocure.
• Human  Resources, led by newly named director Mike O’Neill, formerly manager of human  resources.
• Manufacturing,  led by Larry Athens, vice president.
• Technology, led  by Jim Horgan, vice president.
• Finance, led by  Vincent Vadot, vice president.
The two global business units are:
• Photocure, led by newly reassigned vice president Bruce Farina, formerly vice president of supply chain  management.
• Functional Additives, led by recently named director Bill Wittig, formerly business  manager for the specialty polymers group.