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Sun Chemical Introduces Metal-Eco Vegetable Oil-Based Sheetfed Metallic Inks


Sun Chemical has introduced Metal-Eco, the world’s first vegetable oil-based sheetfed offset metallic inks that are completely mineral oil-free.
Metal-Eco will give new focus to metallic printing, meet the most stringent environmental requirements and provide improved run-ability and metallic brilliance.
Sun Chemical has a long-term strategy to embrace environmentally friendly solutions and aims to move 80 percent of its conventional inks range to vegetable oil-based products.  Metal-Eco is the first metallic ink to overcome the challenge of delivering excellent press performance, improved metallic brilliance and opacity and retain outstanding environmental credentials. In addition, it offers a range of other beneficial properties such as rapid setting and drying, excellent rub resistance and good printability, and is available in all the necessary metallic shades.
Developed in a joint project with Wolstenholme International, Metal-Eco inks are suitable for use on a wide range of substrates, such as those used in the publication, edition, sheetfed label and packaging markets.
“Innovation is critical to success in sheetfed offset printing,” said Kevin Purdy, technical service director, commercial sheetfed. “The market demands excellent lithographic stability at high press speeds, and Metal-Eco is the next step forward in metallic ink formulations that achieves this.  It overcomes many of the challenges of metallic ink printing and will appeal to customers looking for materials to assist in a full environmental compliance policy, including use on presses operating alcohol-free.”
All Metal-Eco inks are also duct fresh, produce excellent ink transfer, can be used on high stacks and are highly opaque. No build up occurs on blanket or plate and dampers remain clean, resulting in extended productivity for customers.