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Cognis Receives Eight Awards for Communications


Cognis has been recognized for its corporate communications with eight awards at three separate ceremonies. At this year’s League of American Communication Professionals (LACP) Spotlight Awards, the image brochure “A day in the life” was awarded Platinum in the “Most Creative” section, and Gold overall, while the company’s 2005 annual and sustainability reports won Silver awards.         
The “Feelosophy” marketing campaign was also a success with award juries: at the LACP ceremony, the campaign as a whole won a Gold award, and the brochure a Silver. The ad campaign also won Gold at the Galaxy Awards in New York, and the Ad-Q Award, which is given on the basis of votes cast by readers of the industry magazine Happi.
More than 900 campaigns from around the world were entered for this year’s LACP Spotlight Awards for print, video and web communications. The “A day in the life” image brochure, which illustrates how consumers comes into contact with products containing Cognis ingredients throughout the course of an average day, won a Platinum award in the “Most Creative” category, and Gold overall. By showing what sort of consumer products contain Cognis products, the brochure explains the company’s highly complex business in terms that the average reader can understand.
Cognis’ annual and sustainability reports also did very well at the Spotlight Awards, with both publications scoring 93 out of a possible 100 points, and winning Silver awards. This is the fourth time that the reports have been recognized by the LACP.
The new “Feelosophy” marketing campaign run by Cognis’ Care Chemicals Strategic Business Unit has also achieved international success. The central creative element of this campaign is the striking “Feelosophy” logo: the different design of each letter in the word neatly represents the variety and extent of the company’s expertise, and shows how it meets the wellness needs of the market. For example, the flower petals in the letter “H” symbolize effective natural anti-wrinkling treatments, and the glossy lock of hair in the letter “S” represents vitalizing effects.
The centerpiece of the campaign, the “Feelosophy” brochure, won a Silver Spotlight award from the LACP, and the accompanying ad campaign received no fewer than three awards. It was a winner both at the LACP ceremony, and at the Galaxy Awards in New York, where it won Gold. Out of 550 entries here, the jury selected only one Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honors winner in each category.
“The awards we have won reflect our efforts to bring emotional appeal, creativity and visual impact to specialty chemicals advertising,” said Peter Wallscheid, head of marketing communications and corporate advertising.
All the campaigns were produced in conjunction with Düsseldorf-based agency XEO Creative Communication.