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Allied PhotoChemical Named One of the Top 50 Michigan Companies to Watch


Allied PhotoChemical, a leading manufacturer of UV paint and coatings Solutions, has been selected as one of the Top 50 Companies to Watch in Michigan.
“Allied PhotoChemical is honored to be selected by the Edward Lowe Foundation as one of Top 50 Companies to Watch in Michigan,” said Michael Kelly, Allied PhotoChemical’s president and CEO, “and will continue to be a leader in UV technology, environmentally green solutions and community relations.”
When Allied PhotoChemical was founded back in 1996 by Roy Krohn and Scott Howe, their mission was to first develop an environmentally-friendly UV chemistry, patent this technology and begin providing customers a customized solution to their coatings and electronic inks needs.  This award is another positive reinforcement that their original mission is continuing to be successful.