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Sun Chemical Launches EOS Fast Process Inks


Sun Chemical has launched EOS, a new series of four-color sheetfed offset inks offer fast conversion and work and turn (depending on the substrate) to allow for high productivity.

EOS inks exhibit low dot gain, good contrast and a bright finish, which enhances print quality. Their characteristics including excellent printability, good infra-red reactivity and quick absorption, make them ideal for printing on the fastest presses and provide a cost-effective solution for commercial and publication sheetfed printers.

"The commercial and publication sheetfed offset market requires modern printing inks to provide high-intensity printing, fast work and turn and rapid finishing," said John Adkin, European product director, sheetfed and UV, Sun Chemical Europe. "This is a significant challenge for ink manufacturers. EOS inks have the key attributes required to achieve this, providing high-strength printing on fast presses."

These high-quality sheetfed offset inks give best results in stack performance and fast conversion on a wide range of substrates. They offer high resistance to print scratching and to on-press marking, two properties that are vital for fast production. EOS inks also comply with ISO 2846-1, which specifies the color and transparency characteristics of each ink in a process color ink set, and when used with appropriate procedures, allows printers to print in accordance with ISO12647-2, which specifies a number of process parameters and their values to be applied when preparing color separations for four-color offset printing.

To complement the launch of EOS, Sun Chemical has also produced a best practice guide for fast work and turn on high-speed presses. This covers issues such as set-off and marking in the stack, marking on the press, problems with fast finishing and reduced spray powder operation.

The EOS series of inks are available for immediate delivery across Europe.