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Ciba Specialty Chemicals Launches New Websites


Ciba Specialty Chemicals has relaunched its Imaging & Inks industry website ( with new features, such as  fast access to information and services, new user-oriented technology entry route, new color, process shade and light fastness selection at a click and links to assist users working across various businesses.
“The restyled Imaging & Inks industry website focuses even more fully on our customers, allowing them very rapidly to find the solutions they require by giving them more options and providing access to information at a click,” said Mike Mordente, global head of Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ Imaging & Inks Business Line.
Ciba also has launched a new website, (, which sets a new industry standard for the presentation of high-quality colors and effects on the web, allowing 3-D visualization at different angles, as we The website has been set up to help designers, marketing experts and colorists develop unique visual effects for a wide variety of applications.
“Striking, attractive designs help to sell products,” said John Coy, global head of business development in Ciba Specialty Chemicals’ Coating Effects Segment. “The website welcomes users to Ciba’s world of effects. It is designed to facilitate the creation of full visual effects and expand scope at every stage of the value chain by providing users with inspiration, ideas and expertise. Its novel ‘Effect Explorer,’ which enables users to view effects and colors on different objects, accelerates and streamlines design procedures.”