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Parelec Expands RFID Platforms with Acquisition of Real Time Location System Provider


Parelec Inc., Rocky Hill, NJ, a leading manufacturer of conductive inks for RFID antenna and other direct printed circuits, has acquired Precision Systems, Raanana, Israel, a top supplier of real time location systems, positioning the new merged company as one of the leading total RFID solution providers in the market today.

“This represents a significant milestone for Parelec. Our solid grounding in mid-range, passive RFID tag technology can now be coupled with Precision Systems’ expertise in active RFID and real time location systems to help companies take giant steps toward tracking products from item level to end use” says Geva Barash, president and CEO of Parelec. “Our focus is on the total supply chain visibility, information management, asset tracking, and logistics. The addition of Precision Systems brings us a lot closer to that goal.”
“We couldn’t ask for a better partner in RFID technology than Parelec,” notes Michael Braiman, founder and CEO of Precision Systems. “Their technology is well positioned in printing passive tags for tracking product from box and pallet to item level to box and pallet. Combined with Precision iLocate’s sub-meter location accuracy and bi-directional tag communication features, the new Parelec will be able to set forth an end-to-end RFID solution for its customers. Our active location products represent a very complementary technology fit.”