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AGC Hires Michael Brice to Head Total Renewal Project


The Association for Graphic Communications (AGC) has launched a major renewal project that will create an entirely new industry entity that better serves the current needs and interests of members in today’s advanced, high-tech graphics environment. The announcement was made by the Executive Committee of the association’s Board of Directors.

The AGC also announced that Michael Brice, former president of Superior Printing Ink, has accepted an appointment as interim president of the AGC and will oversee the renewal project, coordinating the efforts of participating members.

Joe Brocato of Sandy Alexander, chairman of the Board of Directors for AGC, said, “Michael Brice has our full support in making the AGC the most meaningful service organization possible for the greater graphic arts industry.”
“We are launching a zero-based project to structure a completely new organization that is 100% member-driven,” Mr. Brice noted. “In effect, we are totally re-inventing AGC to make it fully responsive to the actual needs of our members in this fast-changing industry marketplace that has seen sweeping technology changes in every sector of the graphics business. Having been a board and committee member of AGC, this new role represents a distinct opportunity to give something back to the graphics industry that over the years has given so much to me.”