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SunJet Launches PerSona Inks as Digital Solution for Mailing and Plastic Cards


SunJet, the inkjet ink division of Sun Chemical, launched its PerSona brand of inks for commercial printing and finishing applications.

Designed specifically for use in inkjet printing equipment using both
continuous inkjet (CIJ) and drop-on-demand thermal and piezo (DOD) technology, the PerSona brand uses focused ink technology to address the specific application needs for mailing, billing and statement printing, as well as personalization of plastic cards used for security and identification in smart applications.

"Working with our customers and our original equipment partners who manufacture printers for these sectors, we have a deep understanding of their needs and have designed PerSona with  application-specific properties to suit the process where they are employed," said Peter Saunders, SunJet sales and marketing manager. "As well as the performance criteria expected of all inkjet inks, such as stability and high jetting reliability, we have ensured that substrate compatibility, ink wetting, print quality and drying
performance are optimized for process."

The PerSona ink series ranges includes from water, oil, and solvent sets, as well as a UV set for use with non-porous media and in plastic card printing where a range of plastic substrates are used.