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Sun Chemical to be Exclusive Distributor for NAMSA Sterilization Indicating Inks


Applications in Intelligent Chromatics (AiC), a division of Sun Chemical, and NAMSA have announced a marketing agreement in which AiC will be the exclusive distributor of NAMSA’s Sterilization Indicating Inks.

With its global sales network, Sun Chemical has developed tailored customer relationships to provide high-quality products and services for a wide range of printing needs.  Under this agreement, AiC will offer NAMSA’s indicating inks, which are based on pigment technology that does not use heavy metals. These inks can be used for ethylene oxide (EO), dry heat, hydrogen peroxide and steam formaldehyde sterilization processes. They are used primarily for medical applications, and print as an area that changes color permanently when adequate sterilization treatment by chemical or radiation has been applied.

“These inks can be used on flexible and retort packaging, labels and specialty tapes produced by converters who work with pharmaceutical and health care consumer product companies,” said Jean-Do Turgis, business development manager, AiC. “These sterilization inks allow Sun Chemical to take another step toward providing a ‘total solution’ for converters.”

The sterilization indicating ink product lines are suitable for high-speed flexographic, gravure, and screen printing processes and are certified to ISO 11140-1 for Class 1 Process Indicators. AiC will offer NAMSA’s complete line of inks, many of which are the same color transitions as leading products. Offering similar color transitions allow for easy conversion with little to no re-qualification by the end users. Because the ink pigments do not use heavy metals, there are no special requirements related to their application and disposal. The inks are safe to handle and easy to clean.