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EXFO and Hexion Develop a Breakthrough Solution for UV Printing


EXFO Life Sciences and Industrial Division and Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. announced today they have combined their leading-edge technologies to develop a world-class solution that will benefit the ultraviolet (UV) printing industry.

Tests confirmed that Hexion’s HexiJet Flashcure UV inks to be an ideal UV inkjet ink for use with EXFO’s OmniCure 2000 UV System. Being more reactive than standard UV inks, the HexiJet Flashcure UV inks can be pinned at high-print speeds, using low-energy UV sources such as the OmniCure 2000. “Pinning” is the partial cure of an UV ink that contains dot spread and greatly improves image quality.

“One of the current graphic art and industrial market trends is to minimize the energy used to cure UV inks,” said Paul Lindquist, business development manager at Hexion Specialty Chemicals. “The compact size, low-energy consumption and lack of heat at the curing source of the OmniCure 2000 UV system are distinct advantages over standard UV curing equipment. The development of the new HexiJet Flashcure UV inks is a direct answer to satisfy this market need. This is only one example of the technical expertise of Hexion's scientists in formulating new and improved ink chemistries.”