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Siegwerk's Laser Sensitive Printing Ink Facilitates Laser-Aided Tagging of Packaging


Information on product packaging - such as expiry date, price, batch codes, country or language specific declarations - has to meet the increasing demands concerning packaging. In the past, on white or very light-colored packaging especially, the laser code was difficult to read, sometimes only with high-end equipment. Siegwerk puts things right now with new laser sensitive printing inks.

The laser-readable mark is generated through the interaction of a CO2 laser with Datalase pigments contained in laser sensitive ink (ink encasement). This type of encoding facilitates permanent and high-quality tagging as well as a high light and temperature resistance and machine-readibility. Being a clean way of tagging products, it is especially suitable for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and tobacco packaging. Laser sensitive inks are the results of close cooperation between Siegwerk, packaging manufacturer STI and Domino, a leading laser technology company.