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With Eye Toward Environment, INX International Donates Former Plant, Land to NC County


Most ink manufacturers point with pride (and rightfully so) at ongoing efforts to not only meet, but exceed environmental regulations … to reduce or eliminate toxic substances … to develop low- or VOC-free inks and coatings, soy-based inks and other eco-friendly products.

Now, in Charlotte, NC, INX International has partnered with Mecklenburg County officials to take environmental stewardship a step further.

Having recently relocated production to a new, expanded facility, INX donated its former plant and flood-prone acreage along Little Sugar Creek to the county for open space and floodplain protection purposes — making it a model for preventing flood losses, improving the environment and boosting the economy.

Local officials recognized the donation of INX buildings and land, valued at $600,000, in a special ceremony on Aug. 1, an event that also marked the start of building demolition.  INX International president and CEO Rick Clendenning accepted a plaque from Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners’ chairman Park Helms, which notes INX’ contribution to environmental stewardship, economic improvement and floodplain management.

“We are pleased to add this new facet to our and (parent company) Sakata INX’ long history of responsible corporate citizenship,” said Mr. Clendenning.  “This partnership reflects the excellent relations we have enjoyed with the people in this area for many years.  And it further demonstrates the benefits of collaboration between business and the community, sharing common goals.”

“We hope this will kick off our current mitigation effort,” said Tim Trautman, flood mitigation program manager for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services.  The program gives other property owners the opportunity to relocate out of the floodplain.

Storm Water Services then will tear down the buildings — all of which were built before floodplains were mapped and restrictions placed on development — and convert the flood-prone land to open space.  Longer term plans call for further restoring the floodplain to filter pollutants from runoff before water flows into Little Sugar Creek.

INX’ new, 42,000-square-foot facility in Charlotte is the world’s largest 2-piece metal deco ink plant.  Its inks are used on about 85 percent of the aluminum cans made in North America.