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Hexion Specialty Chemicals, imaging Technology international Announce Partnership


Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. and imaging Technology international Corporation (iTi) announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnering relationship to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for their industrial inkjet printing needs.

As the leading global supplier of thermoset materials and a leader in UV-curable technology, Hexion will provide its expertise in UV-curable inkjet inks to iTi.  As a leading developer of production systems and specialized equipment integrations for the industrial inkjet market, iTi will continue to provide total solutions packages, including print heads, curing lamps, and substrate handling systems while leveraging Hexion’s expertise in specialized ink solutions.

“Our partnership combines iTi’s expertise in equipment and systems with Hexion’s expertise in UV-curable ink technology to provide customers with a total solutions package for their specific printing needs,” said Hexion’s Paul Lindquist.  “Our focus will be to provide technical assistance in ink formulations to achieve certain jetting, curing, and end-use properties for each customer’s application.”