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Sun Chemical Launches EXACT PSO sheetfed inks


Sun Chemical has launched EXACT PSO, a sheetfed process set designed to help printers achieve offset standardization, which, in turn, should help improve efficiency and grow its client base.

PSO or Process Standard Offset and ISO 12647:2 are fast becoming the international language for 4-color process printing. International print buyers continue to demand the application of process standardisation from their printers so print jobs can be fulfilled in different parts of the world without major variances.

EXACT PSO is Sun Chemical's answer to this demand. It is a highly versatile product with best-in-class mechanical resistance, and fully meets the criteria set in ISO12647:2. The inks are based on novel vegetable oil chemistry, using maximum renewable resources, which allow printers to conform to increasingly demanding environmental standards. The inks perform well on all straight printing and long perfecting presses and can be used on the majority of substrates for both long run and short run work on all sheetfed offset presses. When used with SunFount fountain solutions and SunCoat coatings, EXACT PSO can increase productivity while meeting requirements for the highest mechanical resistance.

"EXACT PSO is more than just an ink," David French, general manager of Sun Chemical's UK Offset Division, said. "It is a key element of a calibration process to ensure that the printer's press is set up to conform to the ISO 12647:2 international color standard. It is also the result of substantial investment in R&D and years of expertise contained within Sun Chemical. Our customer technical service is part of the complete EXACT PSO solution. We continue to listen to our customers' requirements for printing inks and expert help in installing offset process standardization to help them improve their productivity and profitability."

"EXACT PSO is just one example of Sun Chemical forming partnerships with our customers to add value to their business," Colin Norgate, Sun Chemical's UK director of value services, said."In this case, we are not just selling an ink. We work with our customers to accurately set up process standardization and monitor it regularly to ensure optimization."