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Hangzhou Baihe Clariant's New Facility for HP Pigments in China Goes on Stream


Eighteen months after the signing of the joint venture agreement between Clariant and Hangzhou Baihe Chemical Co. Ltd. for the production of high-performance (HP) pigments in Hangzhou southwest of Shanghai, China, the new facility goes on stream.

The joint venture between the two companies was preceded by several years of cooperation between the Pigments & Additives Division of Clariant and the privately owned Hangzhou-based company Hangzhou Baihe Chemical Co. Ltd., a leading Chinese manufacturer of organic pigments with an annual turnover of more than $60 million USD. The joint venture is a response to the growing demand for HP pigments in China and neighboring Asian countries, both from local as well as from international companies investing in production facilities in China.

At the new facility, which has a substantial capacity, Clariant will produce red and yellow HP pigments. The joint venture products will be marketed and sold by Clariant’s international organization.

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