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TAG Polymers Upgrades Technology


TAG Polymers, an Austin, TX-based fluoropolymer processing business, announced the completion of a technology upgrade of its manufacturing facility located in San Marcos, TX. The company, which processes and manufactures fluoropolymer resins or micropowders used in a number of industries worldwide, said that with this upgrade, it has more than doubled their production capability and efficiency and can now offer customers special micropowders not available before.
“With these new systems online, we now have the capability to process types of fluoropolymers not available to us two years ago when we first started production here in San Marcos,” said David Friedman, president. “We will not only broaden our product range we can offer the industries we serve, but the efficiency by which we produce the micropowders will allow us to compete successfully where we could not before.”
TAG manufactures micropowders down to three microns used in a variety of applications as additives for inks, oils, lubricants, coatings, cosmetics and thermoplastics, which give these products additional wear and slip properties. The most widely known application probably is as an additive in coatings used to make non-stick cookware.