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Q-Panel Changes Name to Q-Lab


Q-Panel Lab Products is celebrating its 50th anniversary by changing its name to Q-Lab Corporation, which the company believes better expresses the company’s focus.
Q-Lab Corporation now consists of two divisions: Q-Lab Instruments Division and Q-Lab Test Service Division. The Instruments Division focuses on weathering and light stability testers, standard test substrates and other scientific equipment and supplies. The Test Service Division’s mission is natural and accelerated exposure testing in Florida and Arizona, with a primary focus on weathering and evaluation services.     
Q-Panel Lab Products, which was founded in 1956 by George Grossman, became recognized by the coatings industry for the development of standardized test panels. However, the company has long been serving a wide range of industries, with their light stability and weathering testers and services. According to president Doug Grossman, “The new corporate name, ‘Q-Lab,’ symbolizes the progress we are making in a variety of fields.”
After 50 years of being synonymous with quality, the Q-Panel name will not be completely retired. It will continue to be used for the company’s internationally recognized brand of standard test substrates.