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Sun Chemical Launches IROCART, SUNCURE Sheetfed Packaging Inks at IPEX


Sun Chemical has launched new lines of packaging inks during IPEX. Sun Chemical developed new low migration inks under the IROCART and SUNCURE branding for the sheetfed offset market.

IROCART is an ink system for conventional sheetfed offset printing designed for the highest demands in packaging printing . It has been used successfully for some time and has been proven in the printing of millions of products.  IROCART is a range of duct-fresh sheetfed inks that dry by penetration and oxidation. It is distinguished by high color strength and is suitable for the widest range of coated and uncoated substrates.

The IROCART GN LOW HEX product is available as spot or process colors and has a hexanal content 95% lower than conventional inks. They have low taint and low odor and are used for a wide variety of sensitive package printing, including some foodstuffs. The inks must be coated with water-based coating as they do not dry by oxidation.

The new IROCART LMQ (Low Migration Quality) products have low taint, low odor and low migration and are the ink series recommended for the most sensitive food packaging.

SUNCURE STARLUXE meets the demands of the printer looking to produce high quality packaging, such as liquor boxes, cosmetic cartons and plastics packaging. Available in process colors and a comprehensive range of high strength blending colors, the series also includes lightfast options for special applications. A wide range of ULTRACURE coatings and overprint varnishes, from gloss to matt and special effect finishes, complement the SUNCURE STARLUXE product range.

NEW SUNCURE ULM low migration UV curing products are based on Sun Chemical’s patented M-cure technology. This replaces traditional photoinitiators used in existing UV systems with initiators that become locked into the cured ink matrix and so prevent migration. These products significantly reduced the risk of migration and do not use benzophenone or ITX. SUNCURE ULM are low
migration, low odor and low taint inks and are fast curing, have good adhesion across a wide range of substrates and are foil blockable.