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Sun Chemical Announces Value Added Solutions at IPEX


Sun Chemical unveiled a range of unique "Customer Value Systems" at IPEX, which will help its customers achieve their targets for quality, productivity and profitability.

The products, services and solutions will span across all Sun Chemical’s business divisions.  Although each Customer Value System is tailored to addresses a specific need, the overall objective that applies to them all is to provide added value for customers.  In order to deliver this, Sun Chemical will utilize its understanding of the customer and the market needs and use its world-leading expertise as a total solutions provider to develop differentiated value propositions and implement a suitable system.

Within the heatset offset market, Sun Chemical has introduced the following as part of its value solutions program:

The ISIS value pyramid is a unique series of programs, products and services designed to assist heatset printers in achieving the maximum in print quality and press productivity. It starts by ensuring that the ink they buy is delivered and managed in as effective way as possible. Then they can take advantage of Sun Chemical’s technical audit programs and training programs to ensure that their presses and press crews are working most efficiently. 

Sun Chemical Consumables Division experts can also assist with fine tuning whereby products and support on other key consumables such as founts, blankets, splicing tape and silicones are provided. Through its consumables department, it offers a comprehensive range of personal protection equipment (PPE) products designed to ensure full protection More detailed analyses of press performance and press improvement programmes is available through the company’s TCP concept. These can be further monitored and refined through the PrintEasy Productivity System (PEPS) software/hardware package, which is all part of the ISIS service.

Total Cost to Print (TCP) is a program where Sun Chemical’s technical personnel, which include ex-heatset printers, monitor the performance of a press over a three-week period to assess levels of waste, downtime and overall press productivity.  Following this, projects are proposed and implemented with customers

Sun Chemical’s heatset technical support personnel also provide technical audit programs  whereby key running parameters of a company’s individual presses including press chemistry (fount performance monitoring) and press conditions (ink/fount roller; blanket; chill roller temperatures, etc) are measured and actions recommended to optimise their press operation

Sun Chemical’s Universal range of heatset process inks are based on new technology, which enables a wider range of papers than ever before to be printed without sacrificing print quality or press speed.  From improved newsprint through to high quality coated stocks the results are the same – excellent dot fidelity; solid lay and finish.