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Jetrion Launches Expanded Operations at New Facility


Jetrion LLC, the wholly-owned industrial inkjet products and services subsidiary of Flint Group, launched operations in its new world headquarters in Ypsilanti, MI, a modern facility with more than three times the floor space of the company’s previous operations site. Triple-digit growth posted by Jetrion in each of its first three years of operation fueled the company’s need for a larger facility.

Jetrion’s new facility provides 35,000 square feet of floor area, much of it dedicated to the company’s major expansion of its inkjet ink manufacturing and system integration capacity to meet the growing demand for its products. Sales for the Jetrion 3025 UV Inkjet System for variable printing of barcodes, numbering, text and graphics on labels, tags, tickets, forms and plastic cards are expected to triple in 2006.
Key areas within the facility include a state-of-the-art inkjet ink manufacturing area for production of solvent, UV and water ink products, as well as ink and printer system development labs. Jetrion’s custom integrated solutions projects are also moving to the new facility. The new Jetrion Demonstration Center includes: Jetrion’s 3025 UV Inkjet System mounted directly on a Mark Andy flexographic press; the new Jetrion 3025SA, a stand-alone inkjet label printer integrated into a label rewinder; and, coming soon, Jetrion’s 4000 Series full color inkjet label press.

The company’s sales and administration operations are also now located in the building.  Jetrion’s remaining R&D operations will also be relocated to the facility in the next few months. Jetrion holds an option for an additional 35,000 square feet in the same building for future expansion.