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Sun Chemical Leading Innovations at IPEX 2006


Sun Chemical will be playing a major part in some world-leading innovations that will be demonstrated in the PrintCity  at IPEX from April 4-11.

Sun Chemical is one of the four main partners of PrintCity, together with Bobst, UPM and MAN Roland. New technologies in inks for a variety of print applications will be used in live printing on some of the systems that will be shown, both inside PrintCity's Hall 1 and elsewhere at the show.

In particular Sun Chemical and partners will show how to add value to print in the following 'Centres of Competence':
• The Webline Café, which will feature innovations from publication web printing.
• The Colour Standardisation Centre features Sun Chemical, System Brunner, Du Pont and MAN Roland. As partners, they will show you how to benefit from the latest in inks, software and systems to meet the latest high standards in 4-colour reproduction.
• The Value Added Printing and Processing Centre. This is the largest feature of its kind and shows how working in partnership can really add value to print. UV Printing, Brand Protection, and best practices in food packaging will be featured. Examples of Value Added Printing in the form of 'Recipe Cards' will be available to visitors as part of a "Smarter PrintWorks" book published for the show.
• The Packaging Integration Centre showcases the latest in Sun Chemical UV curing inks being used for live demonstrations. In the Publications Centre, the latest long perfecting press will be running live with specially developed inks to help printers achieve standardisation in sheetfed offset.

“We look forward to working with our global partners at IPEXand showing world-leading solutions that will benefit the graphic arts industry as a whole.,” said Felipe Mellado, corporate vice president, marketing and technology, Sun Chemical Europe.

“IPEX is an important venue for our UK business and we look forward to welcoming the many visitors who are certain to attend.,” Charles Murray, corporate vice president and group managing director, Sun Chemical Europe, said.