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Fuji Hunt Develops UV Coating for Toner Market


Citing the continued and significant growth of toner-based imaging, Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals, Inc. has introduced Ultracoat UV X2.  Ultracoat UV X2 has been in design, development and testing for nearly two years, and is formulated to provide breakthrough results when it is applied to liquid or powder toner that is fused to the substrate.
“We recognize that our industry is well supported by suppliers who can furnish UV coatings used in the offset process. However, Fuji Hunt is committed to developing innovative UV coating solutions to the under-supported digital market,” said Michael Tocci, director of marketing, Graphic Markets Group, Fuji Hunt.
Typical users of this new UV coating technology may include, but are not limited to, direct mail companies, mass marketers and any business that is interested in personalization of digitally printed pieces that will enter the distribution mail stream.
“Fuji Hunt has invested significant time and research to developing a knowledge base regarding the unique chemical performance and application attributes of UV coating over toner as they are very different than those used with traditional offset ink,” Mr. Tocci said.    
Ultracoat UV X2 chemical coating was optimized for use with output from Xerox Corporation’s iGen3(R) 110 Digital Production Press, and has been selected by Xerox for use with the inline coating system designed for the iGen3 press, which will be available in the first half of 2006. While Ultracoat UV X2 performs with excellent results inline, it has also been formulated to work in offline coating devices over fused toners on a variety of substrates, providing excellent flow and leveling.