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Cognis and IMCD Group to Work Together in Europe


Paint and coatings manufacturers expect a lot of their raw material suppliers: not just in terms of innovative, high-quality products, but also as regards excellent customer service, and a strong distribution network.
With this in mind, specialty chemicals supplier Cognis has now decided to work together with the IMCD Group, one of Europe’s leading specialty chemicals distribution companies. The aim is to establish a joint distribution network for Cognis’ ingredients for the paint and coatings industry.
Three subsidiaries of the IMCD Group – Interorgana GmbH & Co. KG (based in Cologne, Germany), Internatio B.V. (based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands) and IMCD Austria GmbH (based in Vienna, Austria) – are be responsible for the distribution of Cognis’ raw ingredient products in Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries, with other countries to be added to the new network in due course.
“Partnering with the IMCD Group will enable us to offer our European customers a very well-developed distribution network with unified management structures and an excellent level of service,” said Carsten Baumann, Cognis’ European distribution manager. “I believe that this agreement represents an excellent way for Cognis to further improve its level of customer service. The key factor in our decision was industry experience – the IMCD Group has a proven track record in meeting the technical requirements of the paint and coatings, adhesives, inks and polymerization categories.”