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Flint/XSYS Acquires Pigmented Chips Business of SNPE Italia


The French subsidiary of Flint/XSYS, XSYS Print Solutions France S.a.S., Clermont (France) and SNPE S.p.A., Rescaldina (Italy), the Italian branch of Bergerac NC S.A., signed an agreement to transfer the pigmented chips business of SNPE Italia to Flint/XSYS. Bergerac NC S.A. is a subsidiary of GROUPE SNPE and headquartered in Paris.

The transaction includes production and distribution of pigmented chips as well as the production equipments of SNPE Italia. In Italy, FlintXsys will maintain a local stock and the presence of SNPE Italia as commercial agent for the service of users of pigmented chips. With this acquisition, Flint/XSYS becomes the number one chips producer in Europe.

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