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Sun Chemical Performance Pigments to Instate Fuel Surcharge in North America


Sun Chemical Performance Pigments has announced a fuel surcharge on all North American shipments effective Nov. 15, 2005. The amount of the charge will be indexed against the average cost per gallon of diesel fuel based on a predetermined schedule and comes in addition to standard delivery costs which Performance Pigments includes in the per pound pricing of its products.   
“Companies and individuals alike have witnessed the soaring prices of fuel that the transportation industry has passed along to its customers,” said Mason Harvey, vice president of supply chain, Performance Pigments. “Unfortunately, Performance Pigments cannot continue to absorb all these increases and must also pass them along to its customers.”      
Performance Pigments makes no statement on the duration of this surcharge, but Russ Henke, vice president of sales, NAFTA, said, “We are committed to providing customized and value-maximizing solutions for our customers and will continue to monitor this situation.”