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Munzing Establishes Office in Shanghai


Münzing, Heilbronn, Germany, has announced that its Asian subsidiary, Münzing (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., has established an office facility in Shanghai, China.
“We are committed to the markets in Asia, and the office in Shanghai will provide a level of understanding and familiarity with our distributors and customers that simply was not possible before,” said Matthew Chen, head of Münzing (Shanghai).
With its Shanghai staff, Münzing is committed to install, sometime in 2005, laboratory facilities which will serve the entire Asian region.
“Münzing’s core strength is identifying the optimum additive solution for our customers through our extensive technical service evaluations and testing,” said Mr. Chen. “The establishment of a lab facility in Shanghai will provide us with the necessary resources to work closely with our distributor’s sales force and their customers at creating additive value.”
Jean Schaefle, CEO of Münzing USA, added, “We are committed to the market and customers in Asia, and the establishment of an office in Shanghai is the first of many steps we have planned.”
In addition, to further facilitate their strategy of growth and focus in Asia, the company intends to manufacture their strategic additives in the Shanghai region by 2007. New Münzing Shanghai Co. Ltd. facilities are located at 16J, No. 899 Lingling Road, Cross Region Plaza, Shanghai, 200030, China. Please call +8621-5489-3680 for more information on the new facilities in Shanghai or Münzing’s range of products.