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Air Products Launches Barrier Coatings Web Site


Air Products Polymers, L.P. has introduced a new “Barrier Products Learning Center” at
Barrier coatings are coatings or finishes that are applied to a surface to prevent penetration of liquids or gases from one side of the surface to the other. A barrier coating can either serve to protect or shield the encased material from substances which will alter the material’s properties, or it can prevent components of the encased material from migrating through and altering the graphics printed on the outside of the surface or packaging.
“An example of the former is applying a waterproof coating to a package to protect the contents from absorbing moisture, while an example of the latter is applying a greaseproof coating to pet food packaging to prevent fats and oils from migrating through the pet food bag to the outside of the package and distorting the graphics,” said Ron Jones, lead applications chemist for Air Products Polymers.
The Barrier Products Learning Center includes information about Air Products’ polymer emulsion offerings for barrier coatings. This information includes electronic brochures, listings of product families for certain barrier applications, environmental information, video and other presentations about the products, news releases, technical papers and a frequently asked questions feature.

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