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Rohm and Haas Announces Price Increase


Rohm and Haas will implement list and off-list price increases for acrylic emulsions, styrene-containing polymers, additive, and colorants sold to the architectural coatings, industrial coatings, construction and building products, traffic paint, graphic arts, and the textile and nonwoven industries in North America. The increase of 6 cents per wet pound will take effect immediately or as contracts allow.
In making the announcement, Frank Oliveri, sales and marketing director for architectural and functional coatings in North America, cited the continuing run up in raw material and energy costs, as well as the continuing cost pressures related to health insurance, security and regulatory compliance.
“It is important to regain the level of profitability our technology has earned and warrants in the marketplace so that we can continue to bring innovative products to the marketplace that contribute to our customers’ success,” Mr. Oliveri said.