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Phoseon Technology, Spectra Enter Agreement


Phoseon Technology has entered into a technology evaluation and development agreement with Spectra to exploit solid state UV light sources for the industrial printing market.
Spectra is a leading developer and manufacturer of drop-on demand (DOD) piezoelectric (PZT) ink jet heads for the printing of inks and deposition of fluids and materials, with a dominant position in the UV ink jet market. The agreement allows both parties to explore the possibility of providing Phoseon’s patented solid state UV light source technology to the UV ink jet market for curing in many potential forms, including free-standing curing modules, bundled/coupled/co-packaged combinations of curing modules and PZT print heads, and fully integrated designs of PZT jets and curing modules.  The purpose of this agreement is to provide a framework for the both parties to proceed in their mutual course of analysis and due diligence, with the goal of assessing market viability and forging a continued relationship in the form of a supply agreement.  

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