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Fuji Hunt, Pantone to Market Swatch Book


Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals, Inc. and Pantone, Inc. have announced the availability of the Pantone colors + Fuji Hunt coatings swatch book. This “first-of-its kind” swatch sampler provides graphic designers, merchandising display companies, industrial designers, set and exhibit designers, advertising agencies and printers a reference tool to specify their preferred Pantone ink color and Fuji Hunt coating for their designed pieces.
“Traditionally, coatings are selected by the pressroom floor manager, the production supervisor or another person in that capacity,” said Michael Tocci, senior marketing manager, graphic markets group, Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals, Inc. “Now, the designer can preview four different Fuji Hunt coatings and their effects when applied over Pantone colors, giving them the freedom to specify which coating they prefer on their final printed pieces before the job even reaches the pressroom floor.”
The new swatch book is organized into four sections with a repeating palette of 36 Pantone Matching System colors printed with Fuji Hunt Gloss Aqueous Coating, Fuji Hunt Satin Aqueous Coating, Fuji Hunt Dull Aqueous Coating and Fuji Hunt UV Coating.
According to Doris Brown, vice president of marketing for Pantone, Inc., Pantone Products continually evolve to serve the ever-changing needs of the industry. “The new Pantone colors + Fuji Hunt coatings swatch book gives testimony to the visual effects that can be achieved by putting coatings on ink, while at the same time ensures that designers and printers can get a perfect match of both color and coating every time,” said Ms. Brown.
The new Pantone colors + Fuji Hunt coatings swatch book is available for $59, and can be purchased from Pantone’s Web site at, from direct mail catalogs or by calling Fuji Hunt at (800) 344-1847 ext. 20.

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