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Cognis Provides Online Access to Technical Data Via Chemidex


Cognis has added its products to the Chemidex Cybrary, a web-based search engine operated by Chemidex Inc. Existing and prospective Cognis customers now have access to comprehensive information and technical data on the company’s products.
Using the Chemidex Cybrary, Cognis customers in the industrial coatings and adhesives, consumer coatings, graphic arts, emulsion polymerization and polymer building blocks industries around the world now can search for the company’s range of products and solutions at the click of a mouse, and get access to complete technical data sheets.
It is also possible to access marketing literature relating to these products and solutions, using full-text searches for specific words or phrases, or searches based on criteria including company, product and physical properties.
The service also allows formulators to request samples and contact Cognis’ technical specialists.
“As a highly customer-oriented service, Chemidex Cybrary fits perfectly with Cognis’ approach,” said Jochen Moser, senior manager global marketing services functional products. “ The wealth of information it contains makes it extremely useful for formulators looking for the right ingredients, and it is exceptionally easy to use. We consider this a very cost-effective strategy and a valuable way of enhancing our communications with existing and prospective customers.”